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Kids’ Directory® is a hyper-local publication connecting parents to events and businesses in their local area. This not only benefits the parents and local community but also the businesses advertising in Kids’ Directory.  With our targeted approach to local parents, we are able to get great results for the businesses targeting the parents in their local market. 

Kids’ Directory is not a direct mail publication that will likely end up in the trash can. Our “pick-it-up-on-purpose” distribution method gets the maximum use out of each magazine – this almost guarantees the businesses advertising will finally get the results they are looking for. 

Owning and operating a Kids’ Directory is easy with our simple approach. Each Kids’ Directory is owned by an “Associate Publisher” – a local mom (or dad) who lives in the community. Hidden Values Publishing will guide you in all the steps necessary for you to have your own successful business. You must believe in yourself, enjoy being your own decision maker, have sales experience and the desire to own your own business.

You do not need to have publishing experience. Instead, we are looking for those who have a sales background and desire to communicate local resources to their community. You do not need to become an expert in publishing; we produce the magazines for you every other month.

Our Proprietary Operating Package™ provides you the necessary marketing materials and rate sheets for effective ad sales, editable forms, prospect leads, ad selling techniques, how to gather and organize the information for each printing, setting up your distribution – basically we make this turn-key for you to produce a highly-desirable and profitable publication for the parents in your local area.

Own a Kids' Directory® in your area and enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule and being your own boss! We will guide you in all the steps necessary for you to have your own successful business and achieve financial freedom.

Local parents and businesses are waiting for your Kids' Directory®, fill out the form on the right or call us today at (800) 960-6788!

Benefits of Becoming an Associate Publisher with Kids’ Directory®:

Work-Life Balance. Enjoy flexible hours allowing you to work while your kids are in school, and be with your family while they’re home.

Home-Based. Kids’ Directory can be operated from a home office, allowing you to further enjoy family time and alleviating the need for office space. No employees needed, you set the rules!

Residual Income. Associate Publishers enjoy the high retention rates from issue to issue. This allows you to concentrate on growth with each new issue rather than selling to the same advertisers each month. This puts you in control of your growth – the longer you are in business, the less you have to work to sell new advertisers.

For Yourself, Not By Yourself.  Along with the ongoing to support from Hidden Values Publishing, we have a network of Associate Publishers who trade ideas, ads, etc. If you need a pat on the back, just let your fellow Associate Publishers know how you’re doing!

A Quality Publication. Kids’ Directory is printed on heavy, full-color, gloss paper. It has the information and resources parents are seeking – this is something you can take great pride in!

Favorable Printing Terms. We make it easy for you by offering each bi-monthly printing to be paid out over the two-month period. This will allow you to concentrate more on your sales and not your receivables. We have a per page printed fee with minimum number of pages printed and increasing quantities set for each number of pages printed.

A Fast Launch. We will provide all the materials to you for a ramp up time of 6-8 weeks for your first issue. 

Growth Opportunity. You will have the opportunity to start a neighboring Kids’ Directory after establishing your initial Kids’ Directory. This will enable you to generate additional revenue and allow your advertisers the crossover option to further their reach. This will be available to you at a discounted start-up fee and print cost.

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