• Mark & Karen Caprino-BurgMark & Karen Caprino-BurgOwner, Metro Woman & Kids' Directory - Indianapolis, Indiana

    My wife and I have been a publisher with Hidden Values now for about 6 years. I worked in corporate America for 31 years and owned restaurants before opening my magazines. This has been a wonderful experience and very financially rewarding for my family. The Crofford family have always been helpful and very honest with us. Hidden Values still offers what the American Dream is all about. An opportunity to work for myself and build for my family's future. A very simple concept that really works if you do.

  • Debbie TyeDebbie TyeOwner, Kids' Directory - Austin, Texas

    "I cannot imagine a better job than publishing the Austin Kid's Directory! It has offered me the opportunity to earn a good income yet have control over my schedule so that I can achieve balance between work and family. Helping so many family-related businesses in our area with their marketing gives me a true sense of being a part of the broader community in which we live and I love that. Plus I have the benefit of support from Hidden Values, a family who consistently strives to support their publishers and demonstrates integrity in all that they do. Hope you decide to join us!"

  • Reda BoswellReda BoswellOwner, Home Resource Directory - Augusta, Georgia

    "I have been in business now for over 6 years and this has been a very rewarding career move for myself. I really enjoy being my own Boss and feel blessed to be a part of this organization."

  • Kim DuganKim DuganOwner, Kids' Directory - Phoenix, Arizona

    "The Kids' Directory is a great business! The possibilities are truly endless! I have successfully published the Phoenix Kids' Directory since 2004 and it has been a wonderful business for my family and me. I feel extremely blessed to be able to be my own boss and work from my home office which allows me the flexibility to also be a full-time mom to my daughters, Maci, 9, and Amanda, 15. Hidden Values has been wonderful to work with and I am extremely grateful I took advantage of this opportunity."

  • Deborah Jacobs-SayDeborah Jacobs-SayOwner, Kids' Directory - Hampton Roads, Virginia

    "I picked up the Kids’ Directory and decided to advertise my home-based business. However, prior to print the previous owner informed me she was no longer printing the directory due to a move. I then took advantage of the opportunity to purchase the Hampton Roads Kids' Directory. This decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Kids’ Directory has blessed me with the opportunity to work from home; this allows me to be with my four children while earning a more lucrative income then I could have ever dreamed of while teaching. Through feedback from both readers and advertisers, the Kids’ Directory is a great tool for connecting parents and businesses. This allows me to take pride in owning a Kids’ Directory knowing that I am publishing a reputable publication that works for my advertisers, my readers and myself.

    I have been with Hidden Values for over 9 years. Hidden Values is an outstanding company to do business with. The investment to own your own publication is minimal in comparison to your potential income. The Kids’ Directory has been a perfect fit for me."

  • Debbie ShadidDebbie ShadidOwner, Wedding Ideas - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    "Hidden Values is the best business decision that I have ever made. Becoming a publisher has allowed me to reach my personal goal of being a hands-on parent. It also has given me the opportunity to have a very successful business that has not only supplied me with a comfortable living but has also provided my advertisers with the success they are looking for too. It has been a winning solution for both my customers and my family."

  • Audrey HartmanAudrey HartmanOwner, Metro Woman Magazine - Southwest Missouri

    "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that Hidden Values does for me. I have been in the print advertising sales industry for over 20 years so I know the ropes in the sales world but the business end of it is a totally different ball game. Learning through your advice and attending the Conventions in Dallas has paid off. I have seen many nitch publications in my market come and go as fast as they arrived. I contribute my success to your advice and experience. I am in my 9th year of publishing Metro Woman. I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss and not fighting the corporate system."

Hidden Values FAQs

Fill out the form on our contact page, or call Hidden Values directly at 1-800-960-6788.

You are granted an exclusive geographic area and we manage your printing. Plus you have available professional support from our headquarters, 5 days a week.

We supply you with a successful business model and marketing resources.
A confidential operating manual. Our manual details every aspect of your business and gives you the knowledge you need to be successful.
Specific information revealed for the use of a media package, selling techniques, how to obtain information for the designing of ads, billing and distribution information, etc.
We furnish you a master of each form needed to successfully operate your business. We also advise you in the quantity and use of all forms and promotional material.
We provide you with copies of a printed directory for your media package.
We provide a list of prospective advertisers in your licensed area.
We assist you in locating a graphic designer to design and layout your directory and prepare the directory files for print.
Custom Website Available: each site is designed with your exact needs in mind for you to generate additional income. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.
Custom designed full color media guides. The custom media guide is a great sales tool to present to potential clients.

Your investment with Hidden Values for the exclusive right to publish your own directory in your area is a small investment.

Once you have sold a number of ads and are ready to print, there is a per page fee for our business model and for the directories you receive.

Yes! The competition varies from radio, cable TV, local newspapers, to various types of magazines. However, we have found our Directories to be the best value available for your advertisers to reach new customers because of your targeted marketing and controlled circulation.

*As the owner, you are able to work out of your home. You will be contacting your customers by email, phone, and at their place of business.
*There are no employees needed to operate your business. You should be able to handle the sales and deliveries of your directory. Some of our publishers do contract with others to help with their deliveries.
*The ideal hours to contact most of your potential customers are between 10:30am and 3:30pm each day.
*Your work will include organizing and contacting your clients, “selling” ad space, obtaining information for your ads, sending this information to your graphic artist (typically by email), providing the proof of the ad to your customer, placing your ads in a mock layout for printing position, and reviewing your directory layout for printing. During the printing process you can rest and enjoy being in business for yourself!
*(…Wondering how you will know how to do all of this? Don’t worry, we provide all the tools, knowledge, and information you’ll need to succeed!)

You make money by selling ads in your licensed Directories. A 16-page Directory can produce income to you (after your printing expense) from $0 to $5,000 and up monthly depending on the pricing of your ads and the the number of ads you sell. A 32 page Directory can produce income to you (after your printing expense) from $0 to $10,000 and up monthly depending on the pricing of your ads and the number of ads you sell.

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