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Metro Woman™ is a resource magazine informing women about businesses offering the products and services they need for their always-changing lifestyle. It is a full-color magazine with durable, high-gloss paper that will keep your interest with its simple format. Plus, with the handy size of Metro Woman you can easily keep it with you in your purse or glove box.

You'll find Metro Woman in pinpoint locations frequented by parents. Our readers think of us as a lifeline to finding what they need--our advertisers think of us as a solid investment to increase their business!

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Own a Metro Woman in your area and enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule and being your own boss!

Publishing experience is not needed but you must have sales experience. No employees are needed, just a "take charge" attitude. Low start up fee! Join other successful men and women just like you we have guided with our proprietary publishing information. Local women and businesses are waiting for your Metro Woman, Click here for more information!




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